Savonlinna Ballet Festival

Original white scenes are also included in Simonov's "black Swanlake."

Can you think of a more enchanting stage for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake than the world’s most northern still standing medieval stone fortress? Ballet lovers will be delighted with a new choreography of Swan Lake created by Kirill Simonov, the main choreographer of the Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia.

The traditional tutus will share the stage with elegant black evening gowns and high heel shoes in Simonov’s Swan Lake. Settled in Germany of the late 1940s, the black scenes representing the real world seamlessly change with the white scenes, the world of fantasy. Lev Ivanov’s original white scenes are also included in this new version.

The soloists in Swan Lake are from Mariinsky Theatre, Rimski-Korsakov Academy and from the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia. The Karelian Philharmonic Orchestra with its 60 musicians is conducted by its Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Marius Stravinsky.

More swan and classics

A network of lakes and waterways will also this year welcome the world premiere on the Olavinlinna stage of Cliff of Two Swans, a joint Finno-Russian venture. The libretto, based on a Karelian legend, is a story about the battle of darkness and light, a conflict and its solution. 
Alexander Beloborodov, one of the most famous symphonists in the Republic of Karelia, composed the music of Cliff of Two Swans. Classic ballet, modern dance and even folk dance were combined by choreographer Irina Zotochkina, the head choreographer of the Kantele Ensemble (Petrozavodsk).

The stars of the Russian Ballet group will perform various scenes highlighting different classic ballets and modern choreographies. The dancers in this group are principals and soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre.

In cooperation with the National Board of Antiquities, Savonlinna Ballet Festival will end with a Castle Day’s symphony concert. The young cellist Sergey Antonov (b.1983) will give his first concert in Finland.

During his brilliant career, Antonov has won numerous prizes in competitions around the world, the most prestigious of them being the Gold Medal at the XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition in June 2007.

Antonov is one of the youngest cellists ever to win the prize. Antonov will be accompanied by the Karelian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Stravinsky, performing music by Tchaikovsky and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Susan Fourtane – Helsinki Times
Image – Savonlinna Ballet festival


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