Annual short and documentary film festival opens in Helsinki

The Gardener-still by Erica Weiste.

The Gardener-still by Erica Weiste.

For the 25th time the vastly expanded Kettupäivät (Fox Days) will present the most recent Finnish short films in the heart of Helsinki.


Since 1984 Finnish Film Contact has organised the Fox Days Film Festival. In the beginning it was exclusively for professional filmmakers who wanted to find a way for short films and documentaries to be screened. This year, 120 films from the 257 submissions received will take part in the competitions.

Leena Närekangas, the director of the festival, tells it was in 1988 when the name Kettupäivät was used for the first time. “In those days there were two children’s animations with a fox as a character in them. A fox medal was made and given to the film that was screaming out loud instead of whispering,” says Närekangas. By this Närekangas refers to films that are particularly thought provoking. “Even though we don’t give the fox medals anymore, we’re still looking for films with the same principles as in the early 1980s,” she says.

5-8 NovemberFor more information and programme in English: or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cinema Andorra: Eerikinkatu 11,

Tickets: €3, children: €2, 10 screenings: €20

Today, Kettupäivät awards the best short films in professional and student categories as well as the best documentary. The best new Finnish animation will be selected and awarded with the Hinku and Vinku prizes.

For the 13th time the festival stages a special feature called FoxOff. Films in this competition must not exceed three minutes and they deal with a specialised topic each year. This year’s subject is Last Time. People who are not professionals or film students but who are taking part in media workshops also have their productions screened at this festival. “Anybody who is interested in making films has the chance to participate in a film competition,” explains Närekangas.

The new filmmakers

Although students’ films started to be screened in the early 1980s, it was not until 2001 that they got their own series. Nowadays, students’ fiction, documentaries, animations and experimental films are screened, offering professional quality. “The quality of students’ films in Finland is very high. Professional actors take part in them and the film schools use professional equipment,” says Närekangas.

Besides the competitions, the festival offers special programmes with music videos, contemporary films and the best of Nordic short and documentary films.

Susan Fourtane – HT
Kettupäivät – Image



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