Love is . . .

Love is blindness, mixed media by Hanna Korhonen.

Love is blindness, mixed media by Hanna Korhonen.

Hanna Korhonen’s exhibition Like I Said, I’m a Paradox, explores the true nature of love, the mystery of falling in love and the cultural idea behind it.

The human heart is said to be the warm home of our feelings, emotions and love. A broken heart is pictured when feelings of pain result from love loss. But what is love? Do we become enamoured with the emotion, with the possibility of being loved and being with someone, rather than with the particular person involved?

Through a personal transition from anger to distance, Korhonen sought answers to these questions. The exhibition is illustrated by a series of mixed media photographs and writings. Handwritten poems, letters, and part of the artist’s personal diary are displayed on a light table and on the floor around it, inviting viewers to interact with them.

Korhonen’s objective is to provoke thoughts involving the personal experience of the viewer in relation to the social and biological pressure taught by society.

“The cultural idea of what love is, shows an urge to find content, sharing and the bases of a family. The way I look at love is very similar, but for me the relief is that we don’t have to find it at a certain age or even in the same sex,” she says.

Until 7 June at
00130 gallery
Korkeavuorenkatu 27,
Tue-Sun 12:00 to 17:00

Susan Fourtané – HT


About Susan Fourtané

As a citizen of the world, Susan began her search for her place in the world back at the beginning of the year 2000. After many travels looking for her place in the world, her soul found that place in Finland in September 2006. She has been living in Helsinki ever since, where she combines fiction and non-fiction writing with Philosophy studies and teaching.
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2 Responses to Love is . . .

  1. Tyler Glenn says:

    I am so taken with this image!

    i think it was divine that i saw this tonight, and need to know how to contact the artist regarding using this for my band record cover.

    We are signed to Island/DefJam/Mercury.

    Called Neon Trees, and releasing our record in March of 2010.

    here are some websites:

    The whole theme of the record is the human experience and the love of youth, strangely much in line with the quote above about Hanna’s artwork.

    Please help me on this matter, i would greatly appreciate this!

    • I am happy you found my article useful to find the image for your record cover. Hanna Korhonen is a wonderful and sensitive artist and I am sure she would love to hear from you. I am sending her the links you sent me and will send you her contact info too. I’ll be happy to write about the record with Hanna’s image! 🙂

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