Art gems at EMMA’s summer exhibition

Jyrki Parantainen's 2001 work, The Mystery of  Satisfaction no 7.

Jyrki Parantainen's 2001 work, The Mystery of Satisfaction no 7.

Espoo museum of Modern Art (EMMA) hosts an exhibition entitled A Look at the EMMA Collections: Treasure Islands and Daydreams until 6 September 2009. On show is a wide range of today’s art, reflecting how changes in society and in the concept of art have shaped the gallery’s acquisitions.

Emma’s own collection primarily comprises Finnish modern, post-war and contemporary art as well as a few international works, mainly by Nordic artists. The exhibition also features a history section, chronicling the collection’s development since the museum was founded.

The earliest work on view in the exhibition is Anna Sahlstein’s Mottagningstiden på sjukhuset ( ) from 1893. At the other end of the scale, Probe is a work created just this year by Mark Francis.

Ten sculptures from the Raimo Utriainen Collection on deposit with EMMA are on display. The sculptures, constructed from straight metal slats, are abstract works is created by combining straight and curved, transparent and solid surfaces.

The Osmo Valtonen Collection was donated to EMMA in 2008.Valtonen was a draughtsman and pioneer of kinetic light art. The exhibition features one sand-plotter and digger construction which ingenious structures create fascinating and constantly changing forms. Ten works from the collection of Kyösti Kakkonen, who owns one of Finland’s most important collections of glass and ceramics, represent the latest in international and Finnish contemporary art.

A Look at EMMA’s collections
until 6 September
EMMA-Espoo Museum
of Modern Art
Ahertajantie 5,
Tapiola, Espoo
Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00
Admission: €10/€8



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